Coduin is a small consultancy firm based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We specialize in the development of software libraries and models for many-core processors in embedded systems. We also provide consultancy services in the area of data analysis and predictive modelling.


Epiphany BSP: The Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) computing model is a model for designing parallel algorithms. We developed a library that provides an implementation of the model on top of the Epiphany SDK. This allows the BSP computing model to be used with the Epiphany architecture developed by Adapteva. In particular our library has been implemented and tested on the Parallella board.

See (850) 208-9376 for more information.

KWF Kankerbestrijding: The Dutch Cancer Society is an organisation for cancer related work, and one of the largest non-profit organisations in the Netherlands. Using state of the art data-mining techniques we have identified methods to improve their marketing strategies and increase their donation income.

Show testimonial dutch is a national Dutch newspaper. Buurlage Wits published a large article on the language usage of several Dutch politicians. The analysis was based on 49.723.341 words used by these politicians in the Dutch House of Representatives.

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About Us

Abe Wits

Experienced computer programmer who has spent a year as the chairman of a large study association. Has a strong technical background with university degrees in physics and mathematics, and is currently working on degrees in Computing Science and Mathematical Sciences.




Jan-Willem Buurlage

Enjoys solving technical problems. Has previously developed various mobile applications. After obtaining his bachelor degrees in mathematics and physics, he is currently working on his master degree in Scientific Computing.




Tom Bannink

Tom enjoys mathematical challenges and is a skilled programmer with a bachelor in mathematics and physics. After completing his master thesis in Theoretical Physics he is a PhD candidate at CWI researching Quantum Random Walks.